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Babcock Education is the largest integrated education support service provider in the UK.Education Investor Awards 2013

Awarded ‘Education Business of the Year’ in 2013, we employ over 600 education experts providing consultancy, training and management services to over 700 schools and academies in 50 local authorities.

Babcock Education combines the best commercial practice with the values and principles of the public sector, working with schools, extended services, local authorities, colleges, settings, government departments and agencies to improve the life chances of children and young people. Our long term strategic partnerships enable learners, teachers and communities to fulfil their potential through world-class education.

- Partnering with local authorities - Partnerships with Surrey County Council - Babcock 4S and with Devon County Council - Babcock LDP

- Supporting schools and academies - Accredited provider of education consultancy and expertise

- Breadth, depth and quality of services - School effectiveness and school improvement; professional development; inclusion and SEND; FM; education psychology; governance; finance; ICT; HR; academy conversion support; admissions; school library, music and outdoor learning; and capital planning

- Enhanced education outcomes - Improved the performance of schools in Surrey across all key stages since the partnership began.

- Driving down costs - Services at reduced cost. Delivering performance in the top quartile nationally with spend in the bottom quartile translating into £11.3 million of savings for the council to date

- Re-investing profits back into the community - The Surrey Education Trust has a current fund of £1 million providing grants for innovative local education projects.

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The SIMS/FMS Autumn 2014 Upgrade has been released to all Gold SLA Solus 2 schools .....

Please note that Sophos are retiring some of their product versions and therefore .....

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