Effective Parental Engagement Conference: Raising Achievement

Monday 27th March 2017 | Mercure Southgate Hotel, Exeter | 09:30 - 15:45

Research evidence demonstrates that parent engagement has the most significant effect on children’s achievement even after all other factors such as social class, maternal education and poverty have been taken out of the equation between children’s aptitudes and their achievement.

In recognition of this the latest Governance Handbook (January 2017) states that schools should ‘assure themselves that mechanisms are in place to engage meaningfully with all parents/carers and enable them to put forward their views at key points in their child’s education. They should aim to build productive relationships, creating a sense of trust and shared ownership of the organisation’s strategy, vision and operational performance.’

Ofsted will evaluate ‘how well leaders and governors engage with parents and carers, and are transparent and accountable in their contact with parents.’

This one day conference will focus on how to use parental engagement for raising achievement. The day will include expert keynote speakers, Dr Janet Goodall, Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management, University of Bath and Fiona Carnie, educationalist and writer working in the fields of parental involvement and student voice. As well as a case study from a local school on strategies they use to successfully engage with parents and a choice of focused workshops. 

  Keynotes include
Parental Engagement for Raising Achievement
Dr Janet Goodall, Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management with particular expertise in parental engagement with children's learning, University of Bath
Dr Janet Goodall will provide a keynote for this conference, on the topic of Parental Engagement and Children’s Learning: Narrowing the Achievement Gap.  After working in this field for 10 years, Dr Goodall will provide an overview of the research around parental engagement, clarify what the term means and provide ideas and examples from schools about how to best support parents to engage with their children’s learning. 
Building a genuine partnership with parents
Fiona Carnie is an educationalist and writer with an interest in voice and   participation. She is Director of Parent Councils UK.
Fiona led a DCSF-funded project on Setting up Parent Councils in 2005-6 and has written widely on this theme including The Parent Participation Handbook. In this interactive keynote session Fiona will discuss ways in which schools can listen and respond to their parents in order to develop a collaborative and constructive working relationship.
Workshops include

ICT – effective strategies to improve parental engagement

Supporting parents to help their child at home

Parent Voice

How to listen to and involve parents from different cultures

A focus on behaviour

Managing parent expectations and feedback  

 About Dr Janet Goodall


Dr Janet Goodall, Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management with particular expertise in parental engagement with children's learning, University of Bath


Janet is a lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management. She has been an active university teacher and researcher for a number of years, working on a wide range of issues, such as federations of schools, the evaluation of the impact of CPD in schools, the implementation of workforce reform, and a multisector project looking at organisations which perform beyond expectations in education, sport and business.

Her most recent work has mainly been around parents’ engagement in their children’s learning, particularly as a means of school improvement. The recent DFE literature review of Best Practice In Parental Engagement , on which she is first author, takes an overview of the field and suggests practical ways forward for schools.


  About Fiona Carnie


Fiona Carnie is an educationalist and writer with an interest in voice and participation. She is Director of Parent Councils UK.  
Fiona Carnie is an educationalist with an interest in how schools can become more democratic in order to meet the needs of their stakeholders – in particular students, parents and the local community. For five years up to 2013 she was Director of Partnerships at the RSA Academy in Tipton in the West Midlands (UK) where she had responsibility for parent participation, community involvement and student voice. Previously she was a Visiting Research Associate at the Institute of Education, University of London where she was involved in projects on innovative school leadership and on student voice.
On behalf of the charity Human Scale Education, Fiona led a government-funded project on Setting up Parent Councils. She currently works with Local Authorities and schools to develop their parental involvement strategies.
Fiona is the Director of Parent Councils UK. She is also Vice President of the European Forum for Freedom in Education which is based in Germany.
Publications include Harnessing Parent Power and The Parent Participation Handbook  published by Optimus in 2013 and 2011 respectively), Pathways to Child friendly Schools: A Guide for Parents (Human Scale Education, 2004) and Alternative Approaches to Education (Routledge Falmer, 2002).
Key reasons to attend

- Develop knowledge and understanding of your role in successfully working in partnership with parents
- Explore practical strategies and ideas to improve parental engagement at your school
- Develop strategies to reach disengaged parents and maintain positive relationships
- Learn about a range of effective interventions and practice to support your pupils 

Who should attend?

Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Governors and Teachers in all phases of education

Early Bird Price - £155+VAT (valid until 24th February 2017)
Full Price - £205+VAT 


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