Leading a Creative Curriculum Conference

Wednesday 24th May 2017 | Bridwell House and Deer Park, Cullompton | 09:30 - 15:45


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What are the key reasons to attend our Creative Curriculum Conference?
A chance to explore a range of inspiring practical activities to promote mental health and wellbeing in your school.  Join our two renowned keynote speakers to hear about the research based around the teaching and impact of the Arts and learn how to apply and utilise digital art forms across the wider curriculum.
A truly creative curriculum provides vibrant, stimulating and challenging opportunities which encourages and motivates pupils to think, learn and act imaginatively and independently. The Arts subjects, both separately and collectively, support personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and creative development of pupils of all ages enabling them to engage with and explore sensory experiences and how to recognise and communicate ideas and meanings.
The Arts contribute to pupils becoming passionate explorers and risk-takers, and in doing so develop the skills and talents that will have a lasting impact on their own learning skills. Dr Susan Young, from Exeter University, will explore this further and develop the concept of how to enable pupils to be experimental and expressive by shifting the active role from the teacher to the pupil. Dr Edward Sellman, from The University of Nottingham will later delve into how creativity has been proven and demonstrated to aid mindfulness and harness the mental wellbeing of our pupils.
Workshops will enable delegates to explore emerging digital technology , engage in local and regional research projects, learn about Artsmark and Arts Award and participate in an active example of using art to support and promote positive mental health.
Who should attend?
  • Suitable for EYFS and Primary phase settings:
  • Headteachers
  • Subject Leaders for Art, Music, Drama
  • Teachers
  • SENCos
  • Teaching Assistants
  • EYFS Practitioners
Keynote Presentations

Art Works: Using the Arts to Promote Mental Health in Education Settings

Dr Edward Sellman, School of Education, University of Nottingham
Edward will present an overview of the opportunities to promote mental health through creative practice. He will consider how an emphasis on process or product affects these opportunities, arguing that a pedagogic position that accommodates both support and flexibility for independent enquiry is advantageous. Drawing on multiple case studies he will also explore the possibilities and pitfalls of arts projects with specific social, emotional and health related goals. 

Leading a Creative Curriculum: Pedagogy and Practice
Dr Susan Young, Senior Research Fellow, Applied Music Research Group, University of Roehampton and Centre for Research in Early Childhood, Birmingham

Not long ago I visited a class of 5-year-olds in Beijing and watched them all copy, as exactly as they could, a picture of a finely detailed blue and white patterned Chinese vase into their own art books. I’m certain, like me, you would have thought of the self-initiated freedom of the painting activities we usually provide for children in our classrooms and nurseries and compared the two very different approaches.  Yet the dominant music education approach in our schools and nurseries is the equivalent of copying the Chinese vase – typically the adult chooses and models the musical task, and the children join in, learning by rote.  Why is there such a divergence in pedagogies for the arts?  Does it matter?  Are music and visual arts different and need to be taught differently?  In this presentation I will discuss the different pedagogical traditions in art and music, how these are played out in practice and consider the pros and cons of different approaches.    

Arts Award and Artsmark
Laura Woodger and Sally Clements, Real Ideas Organisation (RIO)

RIO leads the Arts Award and Artsmark regional development for the South West as part of this Bridge network. Representatives from RIO will run an interactive session to detail how the programmes work and explore how they can be introduced into your school.

Enriching and inspiring the learning of Devon's young people through cultural education partnerships
Liz Hill,  Director, Daisi

Liz will introduce Daisi, Devon's arts education organisation working over the last 22 years to support the cultural education offer for Devon's young people.  Liz will focus on partnership working and current initiatives:  Devon's new Cultural Education Partnership, and examples of current partnership projects including Art Machina: developing young people-led digital arts practice.



The Digital Arts Project
AST Art and Design/ Digital Media Lead Practioner, Coombeshead Academy

This workshop will explore the Art Machina Project and give some background on its development and creation.  Delegates will look at some of the techniques and processes explored by the young people, artists and teachers in the first phase of workshops looking at GPS drawing, satellite imaging, Google Earth and collage techniques using a variety of artists as inspiration to create our own ‘human satellites’.  Delegates will also look at various apps used by young people exploring creativity in their visual art.
EYFS and KS1: Where’s the Music? | Jane Parker and Lisa Broad
Jane Parker, Music Practitioner Researcher and Lisa Broad, Specialist Lead in Early

A practical and interactive workshop focussing on the benefits of music for its own sake. All children arrive in our settings as spontaneous creative music makers. As facilitators, we don’t need to start from scratch when we ‘do’ music, but support, reinforce and extend what our little music makers can already do. This workshop will share the importance and value of music from 0 to 8, offering practical suggestions for engaging with and fostering everyone’s creativity through musical activities.

Creative Arts to Support Young People with Mental Health Issues
Simon Ripley, Director of The Double Elephant Print Workshop and Liz Hill,  Director, Daisi

The workshop will explore and articulate how a creative arts workshop in school can support y
oung people who are experiencing mental health issues. The hosts will share findings from the ArtEffect project that worked with young people with mental health issues and local artists. Delegates will experience a hands-on printmaking opportunity similar to that run through the ArtEffect project.

Combining Traditional with Digital
Director, A Tale Unfolds

Bringing together best practice in traditional literacy and digital literacy, this workshop will demonstrate how to combine sentence level techniques and a digital end product in order to give English lessons a genuine sense of purpose for our digital natives.

Keynote Speakers
Dr Edward Sellman
Lecturer in Education, University of Nottingham
Dr Edward Sellman researches positive education, wellbeing, creativity and inclusion as a member of the Centre for Research in Human Flourishing at the University of Nottingham’s School of Education. He is the course leader of a MA Special & Inclusive Education and supervises PhD students. Edward originally trained as an art/primary-school teacher and then worked with children experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in a range of settings. He has conducted numerous research projects concerning the mental health of students in schools, publishing a range of journal articles and books on these and related topics.

Dr Susan Young

Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies and Music Education
The University of Exeter
Susan Young recently retired as senior lecturer in early childhood studies and music education at the University of Exeter, UK.  She is a senior research fellow at the University of Roehampton, London and Associate of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood, Birmingham. Her career has combined university lecturing with a range of freelance research, evaluation and consultancy specialising in early years arts, music and education.  She has published widely in professional and academic journals, is frequently invited to present at conferences, both nationally and internationally and has written several books, including Music with the Under Fours and Music 3-5.  

Liz Hill
Director of Daisi (Devon Arts In Schools Initiative) 
Director of Daisi since 2004, Liz leads the organisation including creative project development, partnership and relationship development, organisational development, strategic business planning, and fundraising.  During Liz’s tenure, Daisi has delivered a wide range of creative arts programmes benefiting many thousands of children and young people, and established a highly respected reputation for collaborative work across the culture sector.  Previously Liz was a full-time teacher (performing arts) in secondary comprehensive schools in London and Peterborough, followed by an education development role with international touring dance company Shobana Jeyasingh Dance.  Liz is also a board member of another local charity, Dance in Devon. 

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