Securing Greater Depth in Learning
Monday 16th October 2017 | Mercure Southgate Hotel, Exeter | 09:30 - 15:30


This conference provides an opportunity for teachers and senior leaders to consider what it means to understand and deepen understanding within the primary curriculum.
The day includes keynote addresses exploring the theme of going deeper led by nationally renowned speaker Rob Carpenter, and two workshop sessions led by local experts, where going deeper in a choice of areas (mathemathics, reading, writing and science) will be explored.
Key Reasons To Attend
- Discover the thinking of nationally renowned speakers
- Explore a key theme in current primary education
- Develop ideas for developing and deepening understanding within the primary curriculum
- Reflect on current practice
Who Should Attend?
Primary: Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders, Teachers and Governors
Keynote sessions with Rob Carpenter

Greater Depth:  A New Kind of Learning

Greater depth learning has become the utopia for our education system, both in terms of achievement and work skills young people will need in the future.  However, as we continue to focus on cognitive domain learning, global and business leaders recognise we need to champion a new kind of learning; one which values teamwork, creativity and the diversity of opinion held within our classrooms.  We need to educate our children to think more critically, more ethically and become more geo-politically aware.  This keynote will focus on why must cultivate creativity, adaptability, and a mind-set of continuous learning.  Delegates will deepen their understanding of:

• 21st century skills required for young people to thrive in a changing economic landscape
• why affective domain is a more reliable indicator of learning success than cognitive domain
• whole school initiatives which can make the difference in securing greater depth learning for students

Greater Depth Learning:  A Curriculum Fit for Purpose

A traditional curriculum which values knowledge and skills will not be good enough to meet the needs of young people at a time when geo-political uncertainty threatens to destabilise communities.  Young people increasingly want to make a difference but lack the skills to do so.  This keynote will focus on how a world class curriculum which broadens the skills family is essential if our students are able to navigate an increasingly complex world.  Delegates will deepen their understanding of:

• Planning for greater depth through deliberate practice
• Connecting curriculum with meaning
• The greater depth learning cycle
• Assessing greater depth learning
- The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Greater Depth Writing
- Digging Deeper in Mathematics: How to Support Deep Understanding
- Securing a Greater Depth of Understanding in Science   
About Rob Carpenter 
Rob is the CEO of the Inspire Partnership and a Senior Partner with Challenge Partners.  He has over 20 years experience as a teacher and leader.  His schools are continuously improving with Foxfield Primary School one of only 5 schools nationally to have moved from a ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’ in just 4 terms.

Rob’s schools deliver a range of nationally recognized professional development programmes, including Challenge the Gap, Getting Ahead Leadership Coaching, NQT training and bespoke professional development support.


The success of Rob’s schools is rooted in high quality curriculum provision and a philosophy which places learning to live in a complex world at the centre. Rob has a strong philosophy about pedagogy and our shared responsibility to teach children both cognitive and non cognitive learning domain skills.

As a National Leader of Education, Rob supports schools in challenging circumstances.  He has a track record for rapid transformation and is passionate about school-to-school support.  He has developed a range of tools to strengthen the leadership of teaching and learning.  These can be accessed at the website:


Rob is a regular blogger and tweeter; always keen to share ideas and resources to support school improvement.  You can follow Rob from @carpenter_rob

He is always happy to share his thoughts and ideas.

Early bird conference price: £155+VAT. Valid until 15th September 2017.
Full conference price: £205+VAT
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