National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL)


Being an executive leader - what does the role require?

Being the executive leader of a multi academy trust or school partnership requires you to be a strategist and visionary, a communicator and ambassador, a change agent, a business developer, a leadership and talent developer and a guardian of the ‘spiritual flame’ of the organisation. 

Benefits of the NPQEL programme Apply Now

  • Provides delegates with the strategies and skills needed to ensure that they can lead their schools with confidence and ability
  • Delegates will use best practice principles to address the individual and organisational challenges that leadership within a complex educational environment demands
  • The programme is led by experienced facilitators from successful business and education contexts using proven strategies and practice from both these environments
  • Learning is blended; whole group, one to one and self-directed using digital and workplace approaches

Learning Outcomes of the NPQEL programme

Participants taking this course will know:
  • The leadership qualities and competencies of highly effective Executive Leaders
  • How to build an effective leadership team across a number of schools or academies
  • The critical skills needed to lead and manage change in a challenging educational context
  • How to secure the buy-in and engagement of key stakeholders
  • How to build sustainable capacity to achieve excellent educational outcomes
  • How to manage key HR and financial strategies
  • How to secure appropriate and effective governance structures and processes are implemented across the organisation 
For a conversation about NPQEL or to find out more information please contact:

NPQEL - The Blended Learning Model

Blended Learning Model 

About our Facilitators

Our facilitators are from both business and education backgrounds and have many years' experience in delivering leadership programmes.
Our business trainers are leadership and performance coaches and have worked with senior executives in some of the world’s leading companies, helping them redefine and refocus their vision, strategy, and the development of their leadership teams.
Our education trainers have worked and led at many levels and sectors within the education and are now providing strategic leadership support for CEOs and senior leaders in education. 
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For a conversation about NPQEL or to find out more information please contact:
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