Data and Assessment Conference:

The Accelerator to Outstanding Outcomes for Children

Friday 16th March 2018 | Mercure Southgate Hotel, Exeter | 09:15 - 15:30
The Data and Assessment Conference provides an opportunity to consider assessment both as a tool for learning and as a means of generating useful, accurate data. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore how to successfully measure, analyse and interpret data to drive school improvement, performance and pupil outcomes.
Through keynote presentations, in-depth case studies and interactive discussions, delegates will hear from a range of professionals supporting schools to better interpret the data presented in ‘Analyse School Performance’ (ASP), the Ofsted Inspection Summary Data Report (ISDR) and related sources following the introduction of the reformed accountability and performance measures.

This conference is a forum for sharing experience and promoting excellence in assessment and data practice, giving you the chance to hear from colleagues locally and national and regional experts and consider how the range of data systems and assessment approaches available can be best utilised in the context of your own school.
Key reasons to attend 
-  Analyse the government’s agenda behind the drive for increased data use in education and its future priorities, including the implications of a more autonomous school-led system
-  Explore how to effectively analyse data to diagnose a school’s strengths and weaknesses
-  Recognise how to use data and assessment to undertake relevant and impactful interventions in schools
-  Discover how to effectively analyse data to promote better learning and teaching
Who should attend
Primary and Secondary: Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Data Managers, Governors, Education Improvement Advisers, Education and Information Officers, Data Coordinators, Subject Leaders and any other members of staff that are responsible for the processing and anyalsis of data and assessment within a school. 
Keynote Presentations
What Do Teachers Need To Know About Assessment?
Ourania Ventista, Head of Assessment, Evidence Based Education.
The session will focus on the research and practice evidence on what teachers need to know about assessment in order to use it both as a tool for learning and as a means of generating useful, accurate data. She will draw on international research evidence, and talk about her own experience supporting hundreds of teachers to improve their own assessment practice through the Assessment Lead Programme.
Life After RAISEonline – The Future of Education Data
Craig Whitlam and Chris Toyne, Directors, Maze Education
After 10 years RAISEonline has been replaced by Analyse School Performance which is a system produced using modern software but with a narrower scope than RAISEonline. Alongside the release of ASP an accreditation process was run by the DfE for outside providers to gain early access to data. This session will demonstrate the impact of accreditation on schools and highlight the other systems and solutions available. Maze Education gained early access to the DfE data and have created their own systems and solutions for schools to enable detailed self evaluation from headline indicators, through pupil groups right down to how one pupil answered one question in a KS2 test.
GDPR for schools - A closer look at Privacy Notices, Consent and Data Protection Impact Assessments
Amber Badley LLM, Director, Firebird Data Protection Consultancy Limited
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places new requirements on schools to publish certain information in their privacy notices about the way they collect, use, share and retain personal data. It also has stricter criteria around obtaining and managing consent and introduces a new legal requirement to carry out data protection impact assessments in certain situations. This session takes a closer look at what schools need to do to comply with these new requirements
Using FFT Aspire with DFE ASP and Ofsted IDSR to support school improvement
Paul Charman, Managing Director, FFT Education Ltd
This session will explore how schools use FFT Aspire, ASP and Ofsted’s IDSR together to evaluate school performance, highlighting some of the new reports and features released recently for schools. Paul will also explore how schools use Aspire to monitor progress for current pupils. 
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