GDPR and Data Protection Briefings

Written and delivered by Amber Badley, Founder and Director of Firebird Ltd. Amber hold a Master's Degree in Information Rights Law and Practice and has 17 years' experience in the data protection field in the public sector, including over a decade as a Data Protection Officer.

Responding to Freedom of Information Act Requests

6 March 2018 | 12:45-16:15 | Exeter
This training explains the rights individuals have to information held by schools under the FOI Act. Specific focus is made on the exemptions enabling schools to refuse certain types of requests and how to apply them appropriately and robustly.

Handling Personal Data Lawfully and Securely

21 March 2018 | 13:15-16:15 | Exminster
This training takes you through your new legal requirements for handling personal data under the GDPR and provides practical examples of how to do this in a school setting.

Managing Requests and Complaints from Data Subjects

19 April 2018 | 13:00-16:00 | Barnstaple
This training explains the new rights people have under the GDPR and a school's obligations when handling requests. There is specific focus on managing Subject Access requests (in particular what is and is not disclosable) and what to do if the school receives a complaint.

Managing Personal Data Breaches

9 May 2018 | 13:15 -16:15 | Bideford
This training takes you through the whole process of managing a personal data breach in line with the GDPR, from identification to investigation and reporting the incident to the Information Commissioner's Office. 
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