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Thank you for visiting the Babcock LDP Safeguarding site.

Babcock LDP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of Devon's young people and children. We continually strive to implement and support strategy development by providing guidance, support and training to schools, settings and colleagues. Through this support we aim to reduce the barriers that can prevent children from achieving their full potential. 

Safeguarding is the responsibility of every individual and organisation and relates to the way in which we protect children and young people to ensure that they have the best possible chances to develop and achieve positive and fulfilling futures.
Our aim is to provide accurate, up to date resources, advice and guidance, in line with national and local regulations in a way that is clear, concise and easily accessible. Extra information maybe available to maintained schools and education settings subscribing to Safeguarding support on our Moodle site.
If you are unable to find information please email us on the following link and we will try to address these issues as quickly as possible. 
or if you are a member of the public please contact MASH

"All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential... If they are denied the opportunity and support they need to achieve these outcomes, children are at an increased risk ... not only an impoverished childhood but also of disadvantage and social exclusion in adulthood. Abuse and neglect pose particular problems."
From: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010
If you cannot find what you're looking for, or for further help, please contact the Safeguarding Team on 01392 287223


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DBS letter of assurance 2016 * DBS letter of assurance 2016
Letter to schools confirming that all necessary checks have been carried out on all EWS staff members who carry out regulated actitvities in school.
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* No1 Neglect
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No2 Single Central Record
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No3 Child Sexual Abuse
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No4 Making a MASH enquiry
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No5 Sexting
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No6 Transfer of CP & Safeguarding files
One Minute Guide
This is a word doc
* No7 Forced Marriage
One Minute Guide
PDF Document (Acrobat)
* Information Sharing Advice for Safeguarding Practitioners
New PREVENT duty * New PREVENT duty
Radicalisation PowerPoint training session (Dec 2015)

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