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If you are looking for something different in Literacy see Bigfoot's Arts and Literacy programme for 2010 here.
If you are looking for resources to share with parents about literacy then one great place to start is the newsletter from the blog The Book Chook.  Susan blogs regularly about ideas that you could use but also produces a newsletter Literacy Lava which is well worth signing up for
 The Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards are very accessible to schools and children, offering a shadowing site.  Here the titles are suggested with activities for schools to use with children to make their own judgements about winners.  The site offers opportunities to comment, ask questions of the authors and watch, listen and read.  Why not join in?
We really like Red the Robot. If you are looking for resources to support phonics teaching and learning do have a look.  If you are a school in Devon there is a special offer for you that is well worth looking at.
If you attended our Talk for Writing conference on the snowy 3rd Feb 2009 you will be interested in the resources, and here, and links to storytellers.
A wonderful site that allows you to create your own myths by building up images for each chapter, including uploaded images and then writing your own story.  All you need to do is to register with the site and you are then free to use it.  A great resource.  Click here to visit it.
If you are using an editing programme for sound such as Audacity then this site offers you a real purpose and audience for your work.  It is a regulated networking site that allows sharing of audio files along with competitions to enter.  If you are in to making radio programmes then this site is for you.  Click here to visit the site.

A wonderful resource for teachers, children and families.  This site recommends books that primary age children may enjoy.  The school zone, which is one part of the site, is only accessed through a subscription but is well worth it.  Sign up for a free two week trial to see what sort of resources the site can offer you.  The subscription is £99 but they are open to you contacting them particularly if you are a small school or a group of schools.  To see the site click here
What a fantastic idea this is.  This site is specifically set up to support schools in running a film club.  It will help you set the club up, think of activities and lend you the films for free!  This is one that every school should be involved with.  Click here to see the site and sign up.

At long last we have found some magnetic letters, incuding digraphs, like the ones used in the videos on the CD for Letters and Sounds.  To see the site and the magnets click here.
Improving Writing at KS1 through Guided Work.  A resource of film, planning and children's outcomes that shows the variety of guided work that can support children from Reception to Yr2 all filmed in Devon Schools.  To see the flyer click here.
This is a great site but the best bit is the fact that Michael has videoed himself reading all his poems from his book The Hypnotiser.  Brilliant for using with children.  There must be at least 20 poems.  Click here to see this fantastic resource.
A resource that has been developed as part of the National Year of Reading.  This poster should be put up in every classroom and school library.  Daniel Pennac's rights are beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake.  The rights are: the right not to read; the right to skip; the right not to finish a book; the right to read it again; the right to read anything; the right to mistake a book for real life; the right to read anywhere; the right to dip in; the right to read aloud and the right to be quiet.  To download this poster click here.
For information about children's books and authors, click here to see the Reading Zone website.
2008 is National Year of Reading.  To find out more including ideas that you can use in school, click here to visit the Year of Reading website.
Devon School Library Service has a lot of resrouces to support the development of reading throughout the school.  To see these click here.
This website has a children's section which contains poems sorted by category plus articles about children's poets.  To visit this site click here.
Poetry Archive - this website gives you access to hundreds of poems and poets, including poets reading their own poems.  This is a must for every class.  To visit it click here.
Book Bands 4th Edition
This book is updated and includes several new features such as: schemes for guided reading with advantages and disadvantages of each, colour bands aligned with Letters and Sounds phases and new examples of guided reading sessions at each colour.
ISBN 9780854737871
If your school is focusing on developing reading comprehension then this website will offer lots of ideas and resources to support you.  Donna Thompson runs courses in Devon sharing her work.  Please go to the Courses folder to see when we are running the next ones.  To see the website please click here
Write Dance
This set of three books looks at how handwriting can be developed from Nursery into Yr1 by focusing on gross and fine motor skills practised to music.  An interesting idea that is well worth finding out about.  Please search on Amazon for details of the books.

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