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Visual and Moving Image Literacy

A favourite resource from Film Education is their Teaching Trailers in Primary Schools.  In the trailer section they have resources and trailers, but what I particularly like is the Make a Trailer resource based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Download The Piano - yr5 film narrative unit
We have a list of books that supports the development of the skills needed to read images.
Join other teachers interested in teaching film in primary schools by becoming a member of The Media Education Association.  It's free to join and there are lots of interesting groups to support your interest and development of film education.
Moving Image Education is a wonderful site packed full of information and resources.  Designed to support the scottish curriculum, the site is divided into sections:  analyse, explore and create. 

This website has films children have made, trailers for up and coming films and allows you to search for particular films.  To visit it please click here
To see a short french film that shows you how to make a t-shirt folding machine click here.  This would be fantastic to show children before they make a film that gives instructions.
If you are interested in purchasing the Starting Stories DVD for KS1 or Story Shorts for KS2 please click here.
These resources consist of short films, mostly but not all, animated for use as texts for teaching sequences in literacy.  If you go to the Renewed Framework folder you will find out Texts That Teach and can see where we have linked some of these films to units.
These texts are also fantastic guided reading texts.  My favourite at the moment for readers in Yr5/6 is Between Us from Story Shorts 2.
If you are using the bfi resources, Starting Stories for FS/KS1 and Story Shorts for KS2, you will find the website for Flat Life useful to support your use of the film.  Click here to see it.   

To see an animated film, The Monk and The Fish by Michael Dudok de Wit, from Story Shorts 2 that you can use at KS2 please click here. To see an example of a lesson using The Monk and The Fish click here.
To see a list of suitable questions that can be asked about film click here.

Book List to Support Visual and .....


The Piano film


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