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Babcock Education - Mission, Vision and Values

Through long term partnerships with local authorities, individual schools, groups of schools, academies, businesses and communities we share expertise to deliver efficient, effective school improvement and support services which are tailored to the needs of each client.  This has improved the quality of teaching and outcomes of childeren and young people at every stage of their education.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of education services in the UK.  We create regional centres of excellence based on long term partnerships with schools, local authorities, businesses and communities.  We provide expertise, efficiencies and the benefits of investment in new markets in the UK and beyond.

Our values are people, partnership and performance which are founded on integrity and an ethos of public serivce.

Babcock LDP

Through a unique single point of contact, Babcock LDP offers expertise in improvement, enrichment and inclusion services, able to respond to the exciting educational opportunities of the 21st century.

Babcock LDP's values are central to the way we work with all our partners and guide Babcock LDP in all our activities:

- Babcock LDP is an aspirational organisation that aims for excellence in all that is does and is prepared to take risks to achieve its goals.

- Babcock LDP is an ethical organisation.  We seek to be honest, fair, trustworthy and open in the way we work.

- Babcock LDP is an inclusive organisation that recognises the value of all individuals, celebrates diversity and has respect and equality at its heart.

The educational partner of choice
Babcock LDP seeks to build long-term relationships with all the people and organisations we work with.  Creating and maintaining partnerships is central to the way we work. Babcock LDP's ethos is to combine public service values with best business practice, to deliver high quality services and outstanding value for money.  We are committed to continually developing our services and operating at the forefront of educational thinking and practice.

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