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This conference will explore the principles underpinning No Nonsense Number Facts, how the No Nonsense Number Facts materials can be used and provide an opportunity to experience the different types of activities included in the materials, interrogating the thinking behind the activities. The conference will be led by Dr Ruth Trundley, co-author of No Nonsense Number Facts

No Nonsense Number Facts Overview
Fluency is one of the three aims of the National Curriculum and involves far more than the memorisation of facts. A key element of fluency is reasoning; practice that focuses on reasoning strategies, looking for connections, patterns and relationships, is likely to be more effective.

No Nonsense Number Facts provides such purposeful practice. The activities included in No Nonsense Number Facts aim to support pupils in developing an expectation that they will reason about what is already known in order to work out what is unknown. It explicitly and repeatedly draws attention to this. Pupils are asked to notice things and then make decisions, using what they know and their understanding of relationships to solve problems efficiently. 

Key reasons to attend
- Expand your subject knowledge about a key aspect of the curriculum
- Learn how to get the best out of No Nonsense Number Facts
- Reflect on current practice
- Develop ideas for the classroom
- Explore the principles underpinning No Nonsense Number Facts
About Dr Ruth Trundley
Lead Primary Maths Adviser for Babcock LDP
Dr Ruth taught for many years in primary schools in Devon and Canada before joining the advisory service where she has led and developed CPD in many forms including a number of research projects, most recently ‘Teaching for mastery in mathematics in mixed-age classes’.
She has co-authored a number of books, amongst them ‘Think Maths’, ‘Mind the Gap’ and ‘Using and applying in every maths lesson’, and intervention materials including From Counting to Calculating . Dr Ruth is an accredited Numicon affiliate, an NCETM PD lead and a Primary Mastery Lead for the Jurassic Hub. 

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