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Governor Support

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Governor Support Team Helpline: 01392 287314

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Telephone us: 01392 287314
Email us: ldp-governorsservice@babcockinternational.com or

Write to us: Governor Support, Babcock LDP, Second Floor, Milford House, Pynes Hill, Exeter, EX2 5GF.


The Governor Support team liaise with advisers, school improvement officers (SIO's) and the Dioceses who work together with schools to raise achievement and standards through the processes of monitoring, challenge, support and intervention.


Our helplines are available to all governors, clerks and headteachers in Devon schools. We will help you with any aspect of governance of schools, especially duties, powers and responsibilities. We can also help with questions of procedure such as meetings, committees and minutes. We are very willing to listen, in confidence if you wish, and advise you on difficulties within your governing body. 


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