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Making the most of teaching sequences 23rd May and 2nd July
Find our Implementing the new national curriculum page for subject leaders here See our spelling pages here and find our session by session spelling overview detailing the content for each session.  It is our plan to write activities to go with each of the sessions. Follow our very own Grammar Puss on her blog and try our blog for literacy resources and ideas.
Medium term planning & teaching sequences
* Medium term planning & teaching sequences
This folder contains all the medium term plans and teaching sequences for single age and mixed age classes
Phonics - Letters and Sounds
* Phonics - Letters and Sounds
This folder contains phonics planning sheets, phonics resources and phonics assessment sheets linked to phases in Letters and Sounds.
Guided Reading - Guided Writing
* Guided Reading - Guided Writing
This folder contains details about guided reading, guided writing and guided talk for writing.
Texts that Teach
* Texts that Teach
This folder has the lists of our fiction and non-fiction texts that teach along with a visual text list.
Talk for Writing - Improving Writing
* Talk for Writing - Improving Writing
This folder contains all our work around talk for writing. We are focusing on book talk, writer talk, warming up the word, learning and remembering texts, sentence level .....
Grammar or Sentence Level Subject Knowledge
* Grammar or Sentence Level Subject Knowledge
This folder contains short videos on grammar or sentence level subject knowledge for teachers including grammar for writing for teachers.
* Spelling
This folder contains all the resources needed for the KS2 programme using the new national curriculum including a diagnostic tool.
Literacy Interventions
* Literacy Interventions
This folder contains details of literacy intervention programmes for which we offer training and support. This is a wide range that includes Reading Recovery, Phonics Counts, .....
Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)
* Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)
This folder contains all the materials we are developing for implementing APP and links to useful items on the assessment part of the framework website.
Reciprocal Reading
* Reciprocal Reading
This folder contains details about the ways in which we can support you to develop reciprocal reading in your classroom and school. It also contains some resources for .....
* Blueprints
Blueprints are story patterns that lie below genre patterns. They can be used to support children's reading and writing
Data Analysis
* Data Analysis
Here you will find all the pupil tracking sheets that we use plus SATs analysis formats. We have also included our spelling dictations and analysis sheets
Curricular Targets
* Curricular Targets
This folder contains all the curricular targets we have been writing with schools as part of the Intensifying Support Programme. They are designed to last for one term.
Visual and Moving Image Literacy
* Visual and Moving Image Literacy
This folder contains resources that can be used to develop the use of visual and moving image media in your school
ICT in Literacy
* ICT in Literacy
This folder shares the work we have done with subject leaders about embedding ICT within literacy work.
Online Resources
* Online Resources
This folder contains other online resources that we think are really useful.
Implementing the new National Curriculum
* Implementing the new National Curriculum
This folder contains a suggested pathway for implementing the new national curriculum in English.
This is a web page
* collection form
This is a web page
* Courses
This page contains details of the courses that we are currently running
This is a word doc
* Teaching Sequence and Grammar
This document lists the teaching sequences already written for our sequence subscription and the grammar that is included in them.
This is a web page
* Teachng Sequence Subscription
This page contains detail of the titles from our texts that teach list for which we have written teaching and learning sequences.
PDF Document (Acrobat)
* A slice of Pie
An Excel file
* Grammar and punctuation test analysis
This document allows you to analyse the GAPS test results to find out the strengths and areas for development in your grammar teaching
This is a web page
* Grammar subject knowledge for teachers - sentence level work
this folder contains short videos demonstrating the subject knowledge in grammar or sentence level work that all primary school teachers need.
This is a word doc
* Grammar Terminology and its use
This document details the grammar terminology necessary for the new grammar test and when children should be familiar with it and confident .....
This is a web page
* Talk for Writing ebook
PDF Document (Acrobat)
* Talk for Writing ebook
This is a web page
* Think reading
Think Reading is the latest publications from the primary literacy consultants in Devon. Think reading is a set of cards that describes suggestions .....
PDF Document (Acrobat)
* Writing in the Margins flyer
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