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Devon Education Welfare Service aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to access education in a safe environment. Working within Government guidance, legislation and Devon County Council Policy the service aims to;

  • Provide Attendance Advice and Guidance on any problems that may impact on the ability of a child to access or sustain an acceptable level of attendance in education, including welfare issues, behaviour and special educational needs.

  • Monitor School Attendance against Government targets and develop strategic policies and procedures in partnership with schools and other agencies to improve performance. Continually working towards the reduction of Persistent Absence in Devon. Liaising with pupils and their families, schools and other support agencies to address issues leading to individual poor attendance.

  • Ensure the Safeguarding and Safety of Children in educational settings by providing regular and appropriate training to all individuals working with young people. Working collaboratively with other agencies to quickly identify, continually monitor and adequately support 'children at risk'. Locating children currently missing from education to reintroduce and reintegrate learning into their lives. 

  • Working collaboratively with schools and other agencies to help Reduce Youth Crime, through the reduction in persistent absence and the use of rehabilitation work including the engagement in appropriate activities, of existing offenders and those young people most at risk of becoming involved in criminal activities.

  • Provide Child Employment and Entertainment advice and guidance to employers and parents on Devon County Council Byelaws that in addition to existing regulations and directives govern Child Employment and Entertainment in Devon. Providing applications, Issuing and Monitoring Licence applications for the County. 

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