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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement (GRTA) previously known as Devon Consortium Traveller Education Service (DCTES) is a multi-disciplinary service offering advice and support to schools on issues relating to the inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children in schools and other settings.

Incorporated into our work we provide an outreach service directly to Gypsy, Roma and Traveller   families to support access to and inclusion in education.  The ultimate aim of the service is to ensure that Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GR&T) children, young people (0-19) and their families have unhindered access to universal services.

Our Advisory Teachers, with their local, regional and national knowledge are able to use their expertise to provide support to schools to find solutions to the most challenging inclusion issues, which include:

Ascription – Raising Traveller families’ confidence to declare their children as being part of the GR&T community, which will aid us in understanding, monitoring and supporting their educational needs and progress

Access – Advising schools on the preparation of distance learning packs and supporting their implementation.  We endeavour to place pupils from unauthorised encampments   into the most appropriate educational setting within three school days.  We promote and assist transition through all key stages.  We support schools and families with induction and assessment for admissions including mid-term.

Attendance – Persuade and reassure Traveller families to encourage their children that school is a positive environment and attending regularly leads to improved life chances. Raising awareness in schools about Traveller lifestyles and culture including issues which may affect attendance.

Achievement - Support and monitor schools to raise the level of achievement for Traveller pupils to ensure that they reach their potential.  Implementing intervention programmes, which support re-tracking to identify gaps missing from children’s learning. 

Awareness – Through our archived reference library we have a wealth of resources that provide support and training for teachers and others to increase understanding and ensure schools celebrate and respect Traveller cultures and traditions in the curriculum for all pupils. We facilitate communities to participate and support Gypsy, Roma History Month annually.   

We are very happy to offer innovative workshops for schools, promoting equality and diversity.  Presently, we levy no charges for advice or training made to schools by our service, unless the school is non-LA or has Academy status. Please contact one of the team for further information.


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