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No Child Left Behind: Raising the Achievement of Disadvantaged Pupils in Surrey

 No Child Left Behind - Babco Education Overall, pupils in Surrey do well. The proportion of pupils who reach the expected benchmark for assessments, tests and exams at the ages of 7, 11 and 16 exceed the national figures. However, despite a significantly lower proportion of disadvantaged pupils in Surrey, the attainment gap between these pupils and their peers is significantly wider than national.

Babcock has developed the No Child Left Behind project, which places a relentless focus on raising the achievement of disadvantaged pupils by creating a culture of no excuses and high expectations in all our schools and settings and providing challenge, support and guidance to all those who work in them. As Sir Michael Wilshaw considers: ‘Schools should judge their success by how well they do for their disadvantaged pupils.’
Project Aim: for all disadvantaged pupils to achieve at least national expectations.

We will seek to achieve this through
• Creating a culture of high expectations, where all those eligible for pupil premium achieve well;
• Promoting quality first teaching;
• Using data to track progress and set clear targets;
• Developing a range of strategies that have a positive impact on the performance of disadvantaged pupils;
• Developing a rich communication environment to maximise learning and personal development;
• Putting in place effective interventions;
• Meeting the emotional needs of disadvantaged pupils;
• Developing the team around the child in partnership with other agencies;
• Encouraging disadvantaged pupils and their parents to be fully involved in the life of the school and their child’s learning.
Offers from Babcock:
Babcock are offering training and the opportunity for schools to work together to develop the progress and attainment of disadvantaged pupils. This will be a bespoke model, schools hubs will be able to develop an area of practice of their choice, which can then be shared with other schools. Some of the areas we will cover include:

- Using data / effective interventions
- Feedback and meta-cognition
- Promoting quality first teaching
- Foundation Stage and Early Intervention
- Developing communication
- Engaging parents and pupils
- Meeting emotional needs

A number of training sessions will be offered and schools will also be given time to collaborate, develop an area of practice and observe others. A designated person needs to attend the training sessions and produce a case study so best practice can be shared within Surrey.
Training began in September 2014 and will run until March 2015.

FSM Audit
All primary schools in Surrey have been placed into FSM bands determined by the percentage of children eligible for FSM who were assessed at the end of each Key Stage from 2011-2013. Schools have been provided with their own data and comparative data for the FSM band. This will enable schools to compare their pupils’ achievement with that of pupils in similar schools.

In addition schools are invited to undertake an audit in order to:
- Raise attainment for children with FSM
- Create and strengthen a commitment to raising the life chances for children with FSM and any other child who is at risk of under-attainment
- Develop a stimulating and motivating curriculum that matches the needs of vulnerable pupils
- Use data effectively to track progress and set clear targets
- Ensure interventions are appropriate and effective.

Schools can find their audit within their section of the Surrey Standards and Performance Website.
No Child Left Behind - Babcock Education SurreyContact details
Fran Messina — Team Officer
01372 834304


The following resources may be really useful to schools:

Unseen children: access and achievement 20 years on
A review by Ofsted considering the current pattern of disadvantage and educational success and proposals for addressing this. www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/unseen-children-access-and-achievement-20-years

The pupil premium: how schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement
A report by Ofsted into effective practice in 68 schools accompanied by a set of documents to help schools analyse gaps in achievement and plan their actions effectively www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/pupil-premium-how-schools-are-spending-funding-successfully-maximise-achievement

The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit
An accessible e-tool summary of educational research which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. www.educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/toolkit

Surrey Resources

►What Surrey Schools Say Works
►Conducting your FSM Audit
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