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Teaching and Learning

Helping to Improve Your School or Academy

Support and services that lead to real school improvement

We offer a range of tailored support and consultancy services to help every kind of school achieve better outcomes for its pupils. These services can lead directly to real school improvement.

Better outcomes. Our services tease the very best from your staff and - as a result - from your school's pupils.

Fewer distractions. Stop worrying about ICT failures or HR issues. Our specialists can advise on these tricky areas.

Reduced costs. We'll take a fresh look at how you do things, digging deep to find ways to be more efficient.

Staff development. With a huge choice of training courses and development advice, we'll further the careers of your staff.

School Improvement and Inclusion Partners for maintained schools, academies and free schools can be purchased through our e-store.  For further information please contact:
If you'd like to discuss your requirements now, just contact us.

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