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Support, training and resources for your academy trust and governors

With an organised, productive, solid governing body and academy trust, you’ll be able to build a strong leadership team that drives standards up and helps take your academy towards its objectives.
We provide a range of governance services for academies.
  • Tailored to the specific needs of academies rather than schools
  • Strengthen leadership and create an effective governing body
  • Give governors confidence in their roles and foster a culture of accountability
 All our governance services are provided by a highly experienced team. It includes former governors who have experienced academy conversion, plus trainers who also serve as governors.
With Ofsted’s 2012 framework placing a greater emphasis on the quality of academy leadership, it is important your governing body can demonstrate its success.

Governor Support Service

Every academy is different, so we tailor our Governor Support Service to suit your requirements. We can provide:
  • Comprehensive information and support to help governors understand their roles and deal with new or delicate situations.
  • The option to take part in governor training courses or arrange a private development session for your academy governors.
  • Access to a telephone helpline where our experts are available to deal with questions and queries there and then.
 Being part of an academy’s leadership team can be very rewarding. But with a range of statutory responsibilities and strategic aims to meet, plus day-to-day paperwork and admin, it can also be a real challenge.
These support and development services will help every one of your governors rise to this challenge. They’ll get your governors to focus on the most important things, ensuring they deliver a strategy to improve outcomes in your academy.
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