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Special Schools  

Better Learning and Teaching in Special Schools

School improvement consultancy for special educational needs

Special schools face specific challenges as they strive to provide the best levels of learning and teaching, support and facilities to their pupils. Our special educational needs (SEN) team helps to improve outcomes in these schools.
Focused solely on school improvement in this area of education, our SEN consultants will work closely with the staff and leadership team in your school. By providing targeted consultancy and constructive assistance, they'll lift outcomes and enhance the learning environment.
  • Work with experienced people who provide top school improvement support
  • Receive personalised services which meet your school's specific needs
  • Explore innovative approaches and new techniques for learning and teaching
  • Learn best practice and take inspiration from other examples of school improvement
  • Understand how national changes may affect your school

Special education needs learning and teaching

The level of SEN support required by your school depends on a range of factors. Here are some of the areas in which we provide school improvement and consultancy services:
  • Pre-Ofsted review and post-Ofsted support
  • Curriculum design and support at all levels
  • Resource management and building outstanding learning environments
  • Using assessment to guide your planning, learning and teaching
  • Targeted intervention programmes
  • Identifying alternative learning pathways for pupils
Able to work closely with leaders and staff at all levels, we'll help your school provide high quality learning and teaching in an environment that's personalised to meet the individual needs of pupils.
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